Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Technically it was cross training, but I felt more like a pretzel towards the middle and end of the exercise. Let me explain. . . my wife enjoys doing Yoga, so we went and did some yoga. There are different difficulty levels of yoga, and I have done yoga before but it was always the gentile yoga or whatever the class was for very beginners. This yoga had some name on it that sounded aggressive and it was much more difficult than I had anticipated. The hardest part was standing on my hands with my feet on the wall so I looked like an upside down “L”. The best part is at the end when you get to lay there and relax with the soothing music. This yoga instructor was way better than the last one whom my wife and I referred to as the human fortune cookie. She walked around saying things like “You are a fortress, You are a fortress”; “You are a running stream, you are a running stream”.

In the end my shoulders and wrists were tired and sore, and my hamstrings felt stretched so overall was a pretty good workout.

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