Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Tempo, fallen friend

Yesterday was my first tempo run, fortunately it was only three miles, I don't think I could have gone any further. My wonderful wife came with me to keep me running. She can be quite motivating. I pitched the idea of training to one of my buddies about three weeks ago and he sounded mildly interested, and two weeks ago he asked what he could do to get ready. I told him and shocker, he didn’t do it. He also didn’t come out to the first workout which I’m sure didn’t help either. So I was a bit surprised that he came to this workout but it is always good to have someone else to workout with. He had some fancy Bluetooth headphones that connected to his G-Phone which I think is a marvelous thing as long as they weren’t too heavy. The whole wireless thing is fantastic. So we started out with a small hiccup at the beginning where the speedometer on my wife’s bike wasn’t working so after that got fixed we were on our way and all of a sudden my friend stopped. We kept going thinking we’d meet up with him on the way back but he had disappeared. Hopefully he wasn’t kidnapped by professional astronaut pirates or something. Anyway we passed a group of Nor-Cal Roller Girls who were doing some sort of training or tryouts. What made it all the more impressive was the hill they had to go up and that they were in roller skates, not roller blades.

As always our dog rusty came as our companion and usually he is pretty excited about running and will run in front of me, but today he was trailing me and going slow which doesn’t help me at all, plus when he is in the rear holding the leash is difficult because I can’t move my leash arm too much. At the end I gave the leash to my wife which made the run much easier at that point. Finally we made it back to the car and after driving home I celebrated with what might be the worlds most perfect post run food: tortilla chips and guacamole, not the fake crap, real guacamole made with an avocado from my folk’s tree. The meal contains vitamins and nutrients from the avocado and the salsa base from which the guacamole is made, salt from the chips, carbohydrates, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Plus it tastes great.

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